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Hooligan Hires Senior VFX Flame Artist Paul Marangos


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Paul Marangos
Paul Marangos

New York-based postproduction boutique Hooligan announced that it has hired senior visual effects flame artist Paul Marangos.

With more than 20 years of postproduction experience, he has already wrapped up several projects with Hooligan, including commercials for CITI and, and Indrani‘s short film “Crescendo,” curated by Pepsi in conjunction with the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with editors, and Hooligan provides me the opportunity to step out of traditional facilities and work directly with them in order to continue doing what I do best,” said Marangos.

“Paul always seems to be way ahead of me,” said Kane Platt, president/senior editor, Hooligan. “He always knows what I’m working on and what the creative challenges are, and will call me into to his room to look at wonderful visual ideas before I’ve even started cutting. It’s an enthusiasm that one rarely finds – and it usually leads to great things.”

Hooligan EP Sue Wladar said he is one of the best problem solvers she’s ever worked with, likening his creative process to pointillism. “We see the sequence as one full image, but Paul works within the smaller dots of the composition, perfecting as much as he can while creating something beautiful,” explained Wladar.

Shortly after graduating from design school in Johannesburg, South Africa, Marangos landed his first gig at The Video Lab, which culminated with the intercontinental telecast of The Rolling Stones‘ “Voodoo Lounge” concert in Johannesburg.

After working at Cell and The Finish Line in L.A. Marangos moved to The Mill for eight years, becoming more involved with on-set VFX supervision. He then returned home to Johannesburg for a senior position at post house Blade, followed by a stint at Scarlett in New York before joining Hooligan.

“The caliber of editorial talent and leadership at Hooligan is unmatched,” said Marangos. “I look forward to working with Kane and Eric, who have a great history in our industry, and reuniting with Peter, a long-time friend and colleague from South Africa. They’re all slick editors and fantastic guys to boot.”

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