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HPA Honorees Set For NAB Post Pit


Winners of special honors from the 2010 Hollywood Post Alliance Awards and highlights from the HPA’s Tech Retreat will be featured in NAB‘s Post Pit on April 13. The HPA Judges Award for creativity and innovation in postproduction, the engineering excellence award and “best of Tech Retreat” winners will all be featured from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at the Post Pit in the South Hall, booth number SL12205.

The National Association of Broadcasters joined forces with the Hollywood Post Alliance to sponsor the 2010 engineering excellence award and other initiatives of the Los Angeles-based group.  The Hollywood Post Alliance supports a global network of postproduction companies and individual members, and the HPA Awards were designed to foster awareness of postproduction, promote creative and technical excellence, and recognize the achievements of postproduction talent.

The NAB Post Pit brings together the users and creators of some of the most savvy and dynamic postproduction software available. The HPA highlights for the Post Pit are:

  • Digital Vision: The Leading Edge and Open EXR Workflow – The Benefits of Using High Dynamic Range (HDR) within a Postproduction Pipeline
  • Gradient Effects: GLoW Production Planning System for 3-Dimensional “Digital Fingerprints”
  • LIGHTIRON Digital: LivePlay: iPad Video Playback
  • Cine-Tal: Monitor & Projection Metadata in Production and Post
  • Sony Electronics: Development of OLED Technology For Video and Film Production Applications
  • Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF)
  • FotoKem: nextLAB Mobile
  • Reliance MediaWorks: Custom Image Processing for Film, Video, and Digital Sources
  • Nexidia: New Technologies for Production Efficiency and Asset Monetization
  • 1 Beyond, Inc: New 2D/3D Digital Workflow Products for Production & Archiving
  • DVS and Salesforce: IMF Deliverables Utilizing SOAP WebServices and Cloud-based Workflow Controls

The 2011 HPA Awards will be held November 10, 2011 in a gala ceremony at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

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