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Hula Post Production Outfits Editorial Team for Louder Than Words


Louder Than Words
Louder Than Words
Hula Post Production recently provided editorial systems, facilities and support to editor Melissa Kent and her crew during the production of Louder Than Words, a new dramatic feature from Identity Films. Hula set up and maintained a remote editorial facility in Connecticut, where the film spent five weeks shooting, and later provided editorial facilities at its Tribeca West location in West Los Angeles.

Louder Than Words, which recently premiered at the 21st Annual Hamptons International Film Festival, stars David Duchovny, Hope Davis and Timothy Hutton, and is directed by Anthony Fabian. Based on a true story, it centers on a husband and wife who find solace, after the tragic death of their daughter, in building a world class children’s hospital.

Hula set up an editorial workflow near the production location consisting of Avid Nitris DX workstations and ISIS shared storage. After five weeks of production, Kent, whose credits include The Vow, Just Wright and The Virgin Suicides, moved into an identically-equipped suite at Hula’s Tribeca West. “Hula had editing rooms set up and waiting for my assistant and me,” Kent recalled. “We were able to walk in the next day and begin cutting without missing a beat.”

LR-Hula_Louder Than Words-03Kent has cut several films at Hula’s Tribeca West site and has made it her first choice due to its technical resources, location and ambiance. “I like being near tech support,” she explained. “Hula engineer Will Allgood provides amazing support and at a moment’s notice can fix or adjust anything.”

“The rooms are large with lots of windows and natural light,” she added, “and living on the Westside, it’s convenient.”

In addition to Louder Than Words, Kent recently edited Make Your Move 3D, a Romeo and Juliet-inspired dance movie starring K-pop singer BoA and ballroom dancer Derek Hough. Hula again supplied Kent with the editorial systems, this time with stereoscopic software. “Along with providing first-class systems, they will bend over backwards to make sure the show I’m editing has everything it needs,” said Kent.

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