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Light Illusion Launches LightSpace CMS Quick Profiling


UK based color management specialist Light Illusion unveiled its new LightSpace CMS Quick Profile – a new version of its LightSpace CMS color management system. LightSpace CMS provides facility-wide color management from an easy-to-use system that is display, format and workflow agnostic. The new version reduces the entry point for full profile and LUT-based calibration.

LightSpace CMS provides facility-wide color management regardless of the creative systems and displays in use – for on-set, postproduction and final delivery.

A single LightSpace CMS license provides total facility-wide calibration capabilities using a network-based application to enable OS-independent calibration across Windows-, Mac- and Linux-based systems.

Advanced LUT manipulation tools were a key recent addition to LightSpace CMS, enabling major LUT-based workflows to be accurately defined, including complex inverse LUT transforms for reverse image calibration.

LightSpace CMS Quick Profiling provides powerful calibration tools that allow displays to be analyzed for color gamut and gamma, helping identify issues before commencing calibration using the same profile data. With a Quick Profile different displays can be set to handle image material identically without requiring long calibration procedures.

LightSpace CMS Quick Profiling is capable of visualizing film images on digital displays, as well as matching different display technologies, giving users confidence that a matched final look is presented at every stage of production.

LightSpace CMS Quick Profiling can be upgraded to the full LightSpace CMS package at any time, allowing customers to build their color management tools as their requirements grow.

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