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Light Illusion Launches LightSpace CMS


Light Illusion recently released LightSpace CMS – a full featured Color Management System (CMS), which builds on the company’s widely adopted LUT Manager display and calibration software. The development of Light Illusion’s software and services is directly driven by needs recognized through the company’s consultancy and real-world experience.

The launch of LightSpace CMS brings major calibration enhancements to users, with full display and film profiling capabilities, as well as the automatic generation of calibration LUTs from the various profiles generated.

The new LightSpace CMS makes it much easier to implement total color management facility-wide, for DI, visual effects, grading, animation, games or exhibition, using any direct display or projection monitoring system. LightSpace CMS is not only suitable for visualizing film images on digital displays, but also for directly matching different displays, allowing operators, colorists, supervisors, cinematographers and directors to know a matched final look is presented at every point in the digital postproduction chain, saving time and effort and avoiding unexpected results.

“LightSpace CMS makes accurate color management available to all industry operations, and its new tools and capabilities really help to enhance facilities’ calibration capabilities and accuracy.” says Steve Shaw, CEO of Light Illusion. “While LightSpace CMS will be welcome in all facilities looking for high quality color management, its affordable price makes it easy for studios, post and broadcast facilities to establish company-wide color calibration, regardless of the specific display or creative hardware being used.”

LightSpace CMS is a totally open solution, providing calibration for all and any system where color management is critical, bringing together a range of tools and capabilities that go further than simple LUT building, with options that provide for full underlying color management, display profiling, profile matching (auto-LUT generation), direct profile and LUT transformation, calibration visualization and display comparison, color space conversion, and even batch image processing with multiple image parameter controls.

Accurate color management requires precise profiling of the display devices in use, as well as the whole image workflow. LightSpace CMS enables customers to accurately measure all displays to fully manage the color pipeline, regardless of the technology being used, including CRT, LCD, plasma, DPL, LED, direct display or projection, digital or film. From the generated profiles all display technologies within a facility (or even wider afield) can be accurately managed. A wide and growing range of measuring probes can be used, including X-Rite Hubble, Klein K-10, i1 Pro, i1 Display2, i1 Display1, i1 Display LT, and ColorMunki.

“It is LightSpace CMS’s advanced color inverse and transform functions that enable display profile data to be accurately managed by the user, allowing precise control over the final look of all material regardless of the final deliverable requirements,” said Shaw. “It doesn’t matter if the workflow pipeline is film-source to film-deliverable, via a Rec709, P3 or XYZ DI environment, back to film, video or DCI deliverable, LightSpace CMS can accurately generate matched LUTs converting profiles and color spaces as required. Totally digital projects, such as animation, digital cinematography, video capture or images from DSLR cameras can equally be match to the final deliverable requirement. Using the color inverse and transform functions it is possible to ensure all workflow displays preview the image matched to the final deliverable, as well as having all displays matched accurately to each other.”

LightSpace CMS can be purchased as a fully configured package, or via option components allowing customers to build their color management tools as their requirement grows.


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