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Lucky Post and Agency McGarrah Jesse Create Ad for Yeti Coolers


Flip Pallot
Flip Pallot
Sai Selvarajan, editor at Lucky Post, recently teamed up with agency McGarrah Jessee to create an ad for Yeti Coolers. On a journey into the wild marsh of Mims, Florida, a region only accessible by airboat, the spot features Yeti brand ambassador Flip Pallot, an outdoorsman whose knowledge and affection for the wild is reverent, poetic and underscores the importance of spending time outside.

“Flip reminds people they should come out and experience the outdoors firsthand,” said Tim Cole, creative director/art director at McGarrah Jessee. “Our generation needs to actually experience more of the wild to truly understand how to protect it and pass the wonder of it on to our kids so they can help keep as much of our planet as wild as possible for as long as possible. This was about more than just putting Yeti product front and center. We wanted to inspire people to get outside.”

LR-Yeti5 copyAfter interviewing Pallot, director Jeff Bednarz understood that Flip’s relationship with the environment is intrinsic. “The outdoors is Flip’s church,” he said. “Out there is where he is grounded and at peace. It was great to see the passion in his eyes when he talked about the wild.”

Before matching the audio to picture, Selvarajan wove audio quotes from Flip together to lay the narrative groundwork. Flip’s insight was lyrical, propelling Selvarajan to layer imagery that allowed the piece to breathe before the shock of an intense, quick-cut leap into the wild – the exciting, the mysterious and the sticky. He likened the experience to “making jazz music; there was freedom to explore, but wholly it was a cohesive experience that builds to a crescendo.”

“Sai has a great deal of vision that he brings to the process, but he also has the ability to listen and collaborate equally well,” said Cole. “We narrowed the wealth down to the one cut, which was a challenge because we had to lose some incredible moments for length.”

In addition to overseeing the editorial, Lucky Post provided sound, mix and finish for the project.

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