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Lucky Post Hires Editor Travis Aitken


Travis Aitken
Travis Aitken
Lucky Post announced that it has hired editor Travis Aitken. Aitken, known for cutting comedy and dialogue, will join Lucky Post creative editorial talents Logan Hefflefinger and Sai Selvarajan.

“Everyone at Lucky Post has earned their place. They are monsters of the craft,” said Aitken. “I feel honored to be a part of what happens at Lucky Post.”

Aitken’s penchant for comedy was forged early on as an acting major. After graduating he discovered that he most enjoyed the process of shaping performance in the edit. “The edit is the final layer of performance, the last moment before audiences see the story unfold. I love being involved in the choices that impact perception,” he said.

He started at Mad River Post in Los Angeles where Jessica Berry – Lucky Post’s EP, then a producer at GSD&M – gave him one of his first projects as an editor for a Southwest Airlines campaign.

“Travis creates a great working atmosphere,” said Berry. “He’s great with people and infuses each project with as much fun off screen as on.”

After Mad River Post, Aitken served at 501 Post where he expanded into work for the Hispanic market for brands like Miller Genuine Draft and Dominos. He later moved to CharlieUniformTango before going freelance.

“Everyone knows what Travis can do in an edit suite, that goes without saying,” said Lucky Post CEO Tammie Kleinmann. “What sets him apart is he is transparent and genuine; the connection with Travis has been forthright and collaborative. It’s important when adding anyone to our company that they fit our culture.”

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