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LumaForge Brings 4K and 6K to SMPTE 2013 Conference


LumaForge will be featuring its 4K data pipeline at the SMPTE Technical Conference and Exhibition in Hollywood, Oct. 22-24. The pipeline is built with cost-effective hardware and software from Apple, AJA Video Systems, Blackmagic Design, SEIKI Digital, MAGMA and high-speed shared storage from Areca CineRAID.

As well as demonstrating an integrated 4K workflow, LumaForge will also be showing 6K footage from the recently announced DRAGON camera from Red. “We’ve been working with 4K footage for over seven years now,” said Neil Smith, CEO of LumaForge. “And over that period we’ve seen digital acquisition make tremendous strides in terms of resolution and image quality. Modern day 4K cameras are more than capable of delivering stunning images that are totally suitable for HD, 2K and 4K/UHDTV delivery, but now the RED DRAGON is taking image capture up to the next level. The level of detail of the DRAGON 6K files is breathtaking and the latitude and image quality of the camera is quite outstanding.”

“Seven years ago you needed heavy-iron computing platforms to deal with 4K footage,but nowadays with the tremendous gains in price-performance available on the new generation of Intel based systems and software like Apple’s FCP X and Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve10, content creators can shoot in 4K and easily and quickly deliver their projects in a cost-effective manner,” explained Smith.

This year SMPTE has organized a special one day pre-conference symposium on “Next-Generation Imaging Formats: More, Faster, and Better Pixels,” slated for Oct. 21, with the complementary 4K/UHD demo area remaining open through Oct. 23. LumaForge and its strategic partner, SEIKI Digital will be supplying 50-inch UHDTVs for display purposes. “The combination of cost-effective 4K workflows and UHD panels from companies like SEIKI Digital will allow consumers in the home to soon start enjoying the greater clarity and detail of the 3840 x 2160 resolution of UHDTV content,” said Bora Kim, creative director at LumaForge.

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