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Major Post Houses Choose S.two


S.two's OB-1 recorder mounted on an Arri Alexa camera.
S.two announced that Deluxe, PostWorks NY and Technicolor Creative Services have acquired S.two FlashDock and FlashPort transfer stations and incorporated them into their workflows. S.two’s workflow played a key role at PostWorks NY on Twilight Zones, a film by David Chase (Sopranos producer), as well at Technicolor for The Wedding, starring Robert DeNiro, and Deluxe for Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

“After incorporating S.two workflow systems into our post facilities here in New York, we have witnessed first hand the ease of use and the potential for efficiency and time savings,” said Mike Jackman, Deluxe’s regional VP of business development. “It was a great success for us during Mr. Popper’s Penguins and we are implementing this setup in several new projects already in production.”

Deluxe has developed an in-house workflow management system called TrackBack that relies on S.two’s file-naming conventions and NegPull automated clip retrieval software. TrackBack manages material transferred from S.two FlashMag magazines through all phases of post, from ingest, dailies, edit, color correction and VFX, to final finish and print.

S.two transfer stations have also enabled new digital workflow systems at Technicolor and PostWorks NY with similar success.

“We were very pleased with the efficiency and cost of implementing workflow using S.two equipment. Most productions are very cost conscious and S.two’s workflow really helps our ability to do these jobs,” said Technicolor senior VP of operations, Domenic Rom.

“We found that integrating S.two docking stations into our post pipeline was very straight forward,” said Corey Stewart, PostWorks NY.

S.two specializes in uncompressed, film-quality on-set digital recorders and postproduction workflow products that have been credited on more than 75 feature films and hundreds of television shows and commercials.

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