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Mettle To Bring New SkyBox 360|VR Transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro to NAB 2016


Mettle, a 360/VR developer, will debut Skybox 360/VR Transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro CC at NAB 2016. The new plug-in package delivers transitions designed specifically for editing cinematic 360 content, a first for the industry.

The dramatic growth of immersive virtual reality (VR) presents significant challenges for video editors, both with respect to narrative continuity and allowing viewers to shift from one view to another without discomfort. Skybox 360/VR Transitions, in tandem with expanded VR support coming to Premiere Pro, helps content creators deliver cuts that work for their stories and the audience.

Skybox 360/VR Transitions for Premiere Pro is the latest in a growing collection of VR content creation tools from Mettle, including Skybox Studio for After Effects. 360 degree video provides an audience experience which is quite different from conventional screen-based media. Using VR goggles, the viewer is able to look around within a spatial environment by tilting or turning their head. Thus content creators cannot rely on established filmic traditions when cutting from one shot to the next one.

“Creating seamless transitions for 360 content can be challenging for the editor,” said Chris Bobotis, co-founder of Mettle. “Finding transition solutions is time-consuming, especially for artists who are new to the medium. Our plug-in provides a set of ready-made transitions for Premiere Pro editors to get them past those first hurdles. Equally important, these transitions provide ideas and direction for storytelling techniques that work for VR.”

Mettle’s Skybox 360/VR Transitions for Premiere Pro include: image-based 360 gradient wipe, 360 random blocks, 360 iris wipe and 360 mobius. Many of the 360 Transitions will have X,Y start points to help storytellers direct the viewer’s gaze.

360 Mobius Transitions is a good example of how editors can use movement to briefly assume control of the visual experience and pull the viewer out of one space and into a new one. Rather than cutting from shot-to-shot on a flat screen, the transition feels physical, which helps the viewer to understand that they are being taken from one place to another, as well as allowing their eyes and brain to absorb the switch over to a new environment.

“Adobe is all about empowering storytellers and VR is capturing the imagination of creatives worldwide,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations, Adobe Pro Video. “It’s exciting that Mettle has developed powerful VR solutions for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, enhancing VR workflows for editors and content creators.”

SkyBox 360/VR Transitions for Premiere Pro is the industry’s first plug-in package aimed specifically at VR editing. It is the latest addition to the expanding family of Mettle SkyBox products for 360/VR, which includes: SkyBox, SkyBox Studio, SkyBox 360 Post FX for After Effects and SkyBox 360/VR Tools for Premiere Pro.

Mettle will be in the AR/VR Pavilion at NAB located in the North Hall.

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