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Morgan Bradley Moves to Beast San Francisco


Morgan Bradley

Morgan Bradley.
Morgan Bradley.

Commercial editor Morgan Bradley is moving to Beast in San Francisco after several years working on projects for Beast in Chicago.

Beast, which is a subsidiary of Deluxe, is an editorial facility for commercials, music videos and online content. Bradley joined Beast in 2008 and has worked on projects for clients including Nike, Bayer and Motorola.

“I started at this company years ago as a runner and have so loved growing up in it,“ Bradley said. “After six years in our Chicago office, San Francisco feels like the next step in my process, both as an artist and as a person. I’m leaving Chicago loving it, and I think that’s the perfect way to go.”

“The notion of totally new surroundings is so inspiring, and I know it will be great for my work,“ she added. “Plus, I love the challenge of a whole new city full of interesting people. It’s the combination of human interaction and editing that thrill me, and I can’t wait to experience that in San Francisco.”

Prior to joining Beast, Bradley previously worked at Whitehouse Chicago, beginning in 2004.

Bradley won a Midwest Emmy in 2013 for a spot she edited for Downtown Partners for the 100 Club.

“Morgan’s moving here is mostly motivated by our clients here wanting to work with her,“ said Jon Ettinger, executive producer at Beast in San Francisco. “She is a big part of our Beast team, and we welcome her to the West Coast.“

, “It’s very exciting for Beast — and gives me tremendous personal satisfaction — when a young talent like Morgan can not only thrive in our company and rise from being a great assistant to a great editor, but then also is able to have the opportunity of growing and moving to the city where she wants to live her life,” said Igor Kovalik, chief creative officer at Beast. “The fact that Beast can be a part of that personal journey is wonderful.”

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