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MPC Delivers VFX for Skittles Riddles


Skittles Riddles new “Walrus” spot.

MPC recently collaborated with DDB Chicago and Moxie Pictures director Martin Granger to deliver a quirky new spot for Skittles Riddles. In the spot, a woman comes home to find her roommate making out with her boyfriend, who happens to be an enormous walrus.

This accused explains that the walrus, an enormous animatronic custom built by Animal Makers in Moorpark, Calif. , had assured her that he was not her boyfriend Bobby. Rather, he was like new Skittles Riddles – different on the outside than on the inside. She demonstrates by taking a green-tinted candy that tastes like fruit punch, before continuing her romp with the walrus.

MPC’s biggest challenge was to make the animatronic walrus appear to be real, breathing life into the animal. The team created 3D eyes and eyelids for the walrus in post, while tracking and animating every move. After creating elaborate matte paintings that doubled the size of the walrus, MPC added flesh and fat, animated the nose, made the walrus’ jaw move, added a tongue and neck fat, made his face twitch, belly quiver, time warped his head and added breath to the animal.

Telecine was done by MPC’s U.S. creative director of color grading, Mark Gethin.

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