Friday, April 19, 2024
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MPC Launches Dedicated VR Team


Tim Dillon
Tim Dillon

London-based VFX studio MPC has established a new team dedicated to virtual reality – MPC VR. The group will be focused on immersive experiences across industries, including advertising, feature film, architecture, entertainment content and experiential event production.

MPC VR will build on the company’s experience developing VR projects with directors and clients such as “STOPP USA,” Chrysler and’ “Catatonic.”

MPC has appointed Tim Dillon as executive producer for VR. He will be charged with strategic business development across all MPC studios. Working with him are advertising VFX EPs at each location.

“We’re looking to collaborate with the creative industry and bring VR concepts to life with the same level of visual and technical expertise MPC is known for in its advertising and feature film work,” explained Dillon.

The new division will have access to Technicolor’s R&D expertise for VR and AR, in areas like 2D stitching workflow, 360 stereo virtual cameras and real-time rendering systems. These technologies will be incorporated with Technicolor’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) 4K picture and audio processing tools.

MPC’s VR artists are spread around the world. With an evolving set of tools for both 2D and 3D, the MPC VR team will push into new areas such as motion capture, light field and fully interactive real-time game experiences.

“We’ve built a new production framework for both rendered and real-time VR experiences,” said Graham Bird, MPC MD advertising. “Now we’re taking this to the next level and engaging with our clients across advertising and film. Our VR/AR team is focused on creating original and unique experiences that are high in visual quality, impactful, memorable and technically forward looking.”

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