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MPC Launches Remote Collaboration Network


London-based post house MPC announced that its global team of colorists is now available to clients throughout Europe and the U.S. via a dedicated remote viewing network. The company has partnered with leading local studios in the U.S. and Europe to create the network, which will allow directors, DPs and agencies to participate in grading sessions via state-of-the art viewing feeds from MPC offices. In addition, real-time grading environments are available between MPC’s three commercial sites in London, New York and L.A.

The company’s highly regarded roster of colorists includes Jean-Clément Soret, Mark Gethin, Adrian Seery, George K, Aline Sinquin, Richard Fearon, James Tillett, Ricky Gausis, Stephen Gatti and Matthew Osborne.

“There was a high demand for us to develop a state-of-the art remote viewing network,” explained Graham Bird, MPC advertising MD. “Our clients cherry pick the best talent from around the world for their production teams and they are under increasing time pressures. This, coupled with the demand for our market-leading team of colorists, led us to find a solution.”

In Europe, MPC has teamed up with Digital District in Paris, Harvest in Hamburg, Video Workshop in Oslo, Red Rum in Stockholm and Proxima Milan. In the U.S., MPC has teamed up with Charlie Uniform Tango in Texas, Volt Studios in Minnesota and Postmodern in Colorado to install remote viewing suites in the cities of Dallas, Austin, Minneapolis and Denver.

MPC has outfitted these new facilities with monitors identical to those in the grading suites at MPC’s studios. By way of a dedicated Internet feed and identically calibrated monitors, clients can grade with the MPC colorists as though they were in the same room.

“Clients in these markets can now work with every colorist on MPC’s roster,” said MPC’s U.S. executive producer of Telecine, Ed Koenig. “We recently ran a session where the DP was in Stockholm, the agency was in London, and the grade took place in LA. The entire process was seamless.”

MPC approached producers and creatives at several agencies, to identify local studios that would provide a trusted and comfortable setting for the new facilities. The primary goal was to ensure that the satellite partnerships would give MPC clients the level of quality they would receive if they were working with MPC in person, without the need to travel.

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