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MPC Launches Revamped Data Calc Pro App


MPC announced that it has launched a revamped Data Calc Pro app. Data Calc Pro for iPhone is a dedicated app that calculates the amount of storage required for each stage of a film project, from pre-production to shoot, post and delivery.

“The idea for the app was born out of our need to work with the vast array of new digital cameras and the variety of codecs they record,” explained Luke Kneafsey from MPC’s Data Lab. “We quickly realised there was no single app that could do everything we needed, so we set about developing our own. The result is Data Calc Pro. We use it every day and find it really helpful. If you work with digital cameras and the data they create we think you will too.”

Data Calc Pro is made up of five sections to make calculations clear, simple and accurate. Data can be entered on any section with the results transferred to the others for complete workflow calculations. Each one of the five tab sections relates to a step in the digital workflow. The app can also be used when shooting with film to calculate the amount of footage used.

The app includes a time calculator that allows the user to perform normally complicated time code calculations. With over 100 digital cameras to choose from, it will estimate the amount of data produced on any shoot.

Conversely, run time can be calculated by inputting the amount of data created or users can calculate how long it will take to transfer a given amount of data over a wide range of peripherals or connections/bandwidths.

MPC’s Data Calc Pro for iPhone is available now on the App Store.

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