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MPC Opens New VFX Studio in Amsterdam


Inside the new MPC studio in Amsterdam.
Inside the new MPC studio in Amsterdam.
MPC has announced the opening of a new studio in Amsterdam. The boutique facility will provide high-end VFX, motion graphics and color grading for the Dutch market and will be closely supported by MPC London.

“Amsterdam has a reputation for producing work of the highest caliber and continues to go from strength to strength,” said Graham Bird, MPC Advertising global MD.  “This is an exciting opportunity for MPC to establish a presence at the heart of one of Europe’s most creative cities. We look forward to joining the vibrant community and collaborating on some spectacular new work over the coming months.”

The new studio will be situated in Spaces, a multimedia complex. In addition to housing the new purpose-built MPC suites and production office, Spaces is an inspiring environment where clients can benefit from the use of beautiful open plan work spaces, meeting rooms and a coffee bar. This building on Herengracht is already home to a wide range of media companies.

The new boutique studio will offer a range of services, including color grading, compositing, 3D, Motion Design and rental offline editorial facilities.

The space will be permanently connected to all MPC Advertising studios globally through an integrated production network, allowing its team of artists and technologists to work closely together on shared projects, whether they are in the same building or working remotely from separate locations.

“Having a permanent presence in Amsterdam is extremely exciting,” said Jean-Clement Soret, director of color grading. “The new studio and our growing remote color grading partnerships in Europe ensure that everyone can be part of the grading process wherever they are, even if the agency and production team are spread over three locations. Our clients can also choose which MPC colorist they want to work with, regardless of where they are based.”

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