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MTI Film Introduces Control Dailies Support for the Canon C300


MTI Film has added support for the Canon EOS C300 camera to the current version of its Control Dailies digital workflow system. Postproduction facilities and other Control Dailies users can now provide a streamlined workflow for dailies processing and digital deliverables generation to feature film and television productions using Canon’s new camera.

Introduced with considerable fanfare last fall, the Canon EOS C300 is Canon’s first digital camera designed specifically for the professional market. In response to the growing role of Canon cameras in professional productions, MTI Film prioritized support for the camera so that Control Dailies users could begin working with it as soon as it became available on the market.

“Control Dailies already supports the Canon 5D and 7D, as many productions drop in shots from these quality, lightweight cameras,” noted MTI Film vice president of product development David McClure. “So, it was an obvious decision to add support for the C300 as it is targeted at professionals and we expect it to be widely adopted.”

“We want our customers to have the freedom and confidence to tell their clients that they can begin using this great new camera immediately, without disruption to the successful post-production workflows they have already established,” he added.

Control Dailies is a complete system for processing dailies from any camera format. Camera media of all types can be ingested in a single timeline for easy audio-image synchronization, metadata logging, color correction and automated background rendering of digital deliverables.

“The C300 is an exciting camera and has a chance to become a major player in broadcast television and digital filmmaking,” enthused McClure. “The camera’s 4K sensor and incredible low-light sensitivity, along with its size and the reasonable bit-rate of its recording format, put it in a unique position in the market.”

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