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Nice Shoes Adds MTI Film’s Control Dailies


MTI Film has installed three Control Dailies systems at Nice Shoes, New York. The new systems will enable the facility to expand beyond its core market in commercial postproduction, into film and episodic TV.

The company is eager to tap into New York’s growing film and television market. “We’ve wanted to extend our successful commercial post services into the entertainment area for some time now,” said Nice Shoes CEO Dominic Pandolfino. “So moving forward with MTI’s Control Dailies provides us with the added ability to service customers in this very important space.”

As part of the installation, MTI Film and Nice Shoes have entered into a strategic partnership allowing for full-service, bicoastal dailies and finishing in a compatible environment linked by a dedicated high-speed internet connection. “MTI’s proven Control Dailies technology coupled with our talent base will provide producers with the comfort of knowing that Nice Shoes is able to expertly finish entertainment projects in an established environment,” said Nice Shoes’ Robert Keske.

Control Dailies is a system for processing dailies from any camera format. Camera media of all types can be ingested in a single timeline for easy audio-image synchronization, metadata logging, color correction and automated background rendering of digital deliverables.

Nice Shoes partner Chris Ryan and Keske traveled to Los Angeles to demo Control Dailies. “Their conclusion was that Control Dailies is the best and most complete solution they’ve seen in the space,” said Pandolfino.

“MTI Film is very pleased to have its technology introduced to the New York entertainment market through Nice Shoes,” says MTI Film CEO Larry Chernoff. “The quality of Nice Shoes’ creative and engineering staff ensures that customers will be well served.”

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