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Nice Shoes Adds Sony OLED Monitors to Color Suites


Nice Shoes is adding new Sony OLED BVM-F250 monitors to its color suites. The first round of installations includes placing the reference monitors in both the colorist and assistant stations, with upgraded client monitors to follow.

“Sony OLED technology is a perfect match for the type of services that Nice Shoes provides,” said Gary Mandle, senior product manager, professional displays at Sony Electronics. “These monitors are designed to deliver the highest level of color accuracy and overall image quality, which is what Nice Shoes’ clients have come to expect.”

Nice Shoes already uses Sony technology ranging from cameras to decks to displays.

“Nice Shoes has a reputation built on technological excellence,” said CTO Robert Keske. “Sony’s BVM-F250 is built with what our artists and technologists require: accurate color gamut, high dynamic range and absolute color stability for both today and tomorrow’s critical monitoring.”

“Delivering on standards created during the CRT era is no longer relevant,” said partner/colorist Chris Ryan. “The BVM-F250 monitors allow us to work with the best image possible. We’re able to not only deliver to today’s standards, but we’re prepared for future standards and viewing environments as well.”

“With these monitors, we’re working with an image that is incredibly high quality, but also ultimately reflects what the average viewer sees in their home,” Nice Shoes partner/colorist, Lez Rudge said.

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