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Nice Shoes and Red Car Team up to Bring Remote Color Grading to Dallas


The Nice Shoes remote color grading system installed at Red Car Dallas.
The Nice Shoes remote color grading system installed at Red Car Dallas.

New York-based Nice Shoes has partnered with Red Car Dallas to offer remote color grading services. Dallas-area clients now have the opportunity to get the same experience they would in the New York studio without having to leave the state. The system relies on a secure HD feed and displays calibrated by Nice Shoes engineers.

“Nice Shoes colorists are a great addition to our offering at Red Car Dallas,” Red Car Dallas managing director Carrie Callaway said. “Our clients are extremely busy and they love the option to not have to travel and still get the best color for their projects.”

This is Nice Shoes’ second remote partnership, following a two-year relationship with Engine Room Edit in Boston. “Nice Shoes has had clients all over the country for years,” managing director Kristen Martini said. “But traveling to New York isn’t always an option, so we’re excited to offer the high quality color grading they’ve come to expect through an equally high quality setup at a partner like Red Car Dallas.”

Clients who have worked with Red Car Dallas editors Chris Gipson, Keith James and Patrick Hammond are now able to work with Nice Shoes colorists Chris Ryan, Lez Rudge, Lenny Mastrandrea, Ron Sudul and Gene Gurley. Red Car’s Hammond recently completed one of the first sessions by the two studios with Nice Shoes’ Sudul for Dieste.

“My first remote color grading session with Ron and Nice Shoes was an extremely positive experience,” said Hammond. “Being able to provide a collaborative environment for my clients to work and create in is very important to me. From communication with the colorist to the beautiful images he was able to create, we have been able to do just that.”

“It’s exciting to work with talent like Patrick through our remote installation at Red Car Dallas,” said Sudul. “Not only are the limitations of geography gone with remote, but I feel like our creativity is able to grow and expand through these new connections. I feel pretty free to experiment and try out new looks.”

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