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Nice Shoes Minneapolis Launches with Colorist Oscar Oboza


Oscar Oboza
Oscar Oboza
NYC-based Nice Shoes has hired colorist Oscar Oboza to launch Nice Shoes Minneapolis, based at Volt Studios, expanding on the remote services partnership between the two companies to offer on-site color grading.

This follows the recent move of Nice Shoes colorist Ron Sudul to launch Nice Shoes Chicago, based at Optimus, where Oboza had been a valuable member of the team for the past two years.

Oboza, a colorist with over 20 years of experience, has worked with postproduction studios in Dallas and Chicago, but his fondness for Minneapolis has drawn him to the Twin Cities in 1999, 2007, and now a third time with Nice Shoes Minneapolis. He has collaborated with agencies Fallon, Carmichael Lynch, Martin Williams, Campbell Mithun, Periscope, Ogilvy Chicago, Marc USA and Y&R on a variety of projects for Target, Cadillac, Subaru, McDonalds, BMW and Best Buy.

“It’s exciting to be working with the talented teams at both Volt and Nice Shoes,” said Oboza. “At most companies, I’ve been the lone colorist, so working with the Nice Shoes team gives me the ability to bounce ideas off of Chris Ryan, Lez Rudge, Gene Curley, Ron Sudul, Lenny Mastrandrea and Sal Malfitano. We’re all going to challenge each other and ultimately make each other better.”

In addition to Minneapolis clients being able to work with Oboza in person and the rest of the team remotely, Nice Shoes is also upgrading Volt’s remote color connection to broadcast as well as to receive. This makes Oboza available via any Nice Shoes Remote Partner in Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Detroit, New Orleans, Boston, Los Angeles and Atlanta, as well as via Nice Shoes’s New York headquarters.

For his first project with Nice Shoes, Oboza flew to New York to collaborate with ad agency Fallon on a new Arby’s campaign.

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