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Nice Shoes Partners With Crawford Media Services in Atlanta


LR-Nice Shoes at CrawfordNew York-based production and postproduction studio Nice Shoes has launched a new remote partnership with Crawford Media Services in Atlanta. The installation of Nice Shoes’ proprietary Remote Viewing technology connects Atlanta-based clients with the company’s color and finishing artists in New York as well as in their new studios in Chicago and Minneapolis.

“Crawford prides themselves on offering more choices than anyone else in the Southeast. With their wonderful reputation and impressive facility, we’re extremely honored to be adding to that array of choices with our colorists and finishing artists,” said Nice Shoes CEO Dominic Pandolfino. “Atlanta is a sophisticated market that is producing great work and we are very excited to be a part of it.”

A display calibrated to match exactly with the monitors in New York has been installed by Nice Shoes engineers at Crawford, along with a secure connection to the studio’s colorists working on FilmLight’s Baselight system, allowing for efficient, real-time collaboration, with no delay between New York and Atlanta. Clients can also connect for projects with any of Nice Shoes’ finishing or VFX artists as well.

“It’s a perfect partnership,” said Kathleen Fitch, Crawford’s, SVP, COO creative services. “Clients want to be able to work with New York talent and this offers them the opportunity to put their money on the screen instead of into travel budgets.”

The companies will host a launch party at Crawford’s Atlanta facility on April 30. “We feel it’s an important start to build the relationship with our remote partners and clients,” said Pandolfino. “We always want the opportunity to get to know everyone in person in order to develop the trust to work remotely.”

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