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Producers Capitalizes on Red Workflow for New Hospital Spot


Producers, a Maryland-based film, video, audio and motion graphics company recently produced a 30-second spot for longstanding Baltimore landmark, Saint Agnes Hospital. The commercial was filmed in black and white using the RED One digital cinema camera. It was shot on-site at the hospital and features Saint Agnes doctors, which was important to the in-house marketing firm for authenticity and branding.

“Other than the main spokesperson, all of the people in the spot are actual employees at Saint Agnes. Turning doctors and nurses into actors for a day was fun, something different, and so that makes it fun for everyone involved,” said director Rip Lambert. “They did a great job and it really comes through in the final product.”

The marketing team at Saint Agnes was on a tight deadline to get the spot on-air as they wanted it to coincide with the opening of their new, ultramodern patient tower. Producers’ RED workflow helped move the project from production to postproduction quickly and seamlessly. Using their RED Rocket system workflow, the 4K native files were transcoded in real time and ready to go into editing when the client came through the door.

Kirk Davis who was editor/colorist on the project recounted that the look and feel for the spot came about while sitting in Producers’ break room. “It was lunchtime and I was watching a black-and-white movie from the 1940s with some really cool lighting when director of photography, Manny Vouniozos walked in. We immediately started watching it together and discussing our vision for the commercial, much of it revolving around the lighting because we knew it was going to be shot in black and white versus color. Once it was shot I was excited to get started on post, so having the RED Rocket files sent over to my Quantel EQ immediately was important. I could look at all of the footage at one time and quickly put down the vision in my head.”

“Saint Agnes was very happy with the final product and the response they’ve been getting from it, including people’s reactions to seeing doctors, nurses and staff that they know,” said executive producer, Ross Jones. “It made for a great collaborative effort and shows the importance of getting postproduction involved in the pre-production phase.”

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