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Pure Digital Services and Mistika Deliver On-set ARRI RAW Workflow


London-based DI and online post specialists Pure Digital Services recently built a unique new ARRI RAW on-set recording and processing system using SGO’s Mistika postproduction system.

Mistika allows 3K resolution playback in real time and full debayer on-set. This opens up the possibility of delivering a fully debayered 3K DPX with full real-time playback on-location for QC and dailies playback.

Mistika will be used to apply look-up tables (LUTs), prepare stereoscopic rushes and convert files. Formats include MXF DNxHD for editorial and DPX files for the final online finishing. Mistika also offers unique tools for stereoscopic adjustments and alignments, with the ability to handle files from various cameras such as RED EPIC, ARRI ALEXA, SI-2K and Phantom, amongst others.

“This new development with Mistika really opens up huge possibilities for efficiencies and delivery on location for the ARRI RAW format,” said Daniel Mulligan, owner of Pure Digital Services. “No one else is capable of these debayering speeds on-set, and along with full-resolution playback, this allows for full delivery and QC on-location, saving a tremendous amount of time for any production.”

Mulligan has already used Mistika for ARRI RAW V3.0 projects in Australia and India and has been thrilled by the response from producers. “After taking delivery of the first ARRI RAW system from SGO we had no hesitation in using it on our projects and the time-saving we experienced really impressed the producers on those productions, so much so, that we are already booked in for more shows in Chile, Canada and again in India,” he said.

Pure Digital Services is a data-wrangling, pre-postproduction company based in London that launched late last year.

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