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Quantel Provides 4K 60P Color and Finishing Systems for FIFA World Cup


Quantel announced that it has supplied a Genetic Engineering 2 (GE2) system for Sony‘s 4K installation at the HBS production facility for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

The Quantel GE2 system, which includes two Pablo Rio 4KO color correction and finishing systems sharing storage and workflow via a GenePool, will be used for the production of fast-turnaround 4K highlights packages. These will be distributed to broadcasters and Sony Stores worldwide as well as being displayed on 4K super-screens in fan parks around Brazil. The Quantel system will also be used for the postproduction of the Official FIFA World Cup film in 4K Ultra HD.

The Pablo Rio color and finishing system runs on high performance PC hardware and exploits NVIDIA Maximus multi-GPU technology. Genetic Engineering 2 provides shared storage and workflow for up to four Pablo Rio systems.

The Quantel system will work with 4K 60P XAVC media recorded on either the Sony PMW-F55 cameras being used by FIFA film crews throughout the competition or the Sony Servers used for the 4K Live Production of three matches.

All XAVC media will be instantly available for viewing and editing on the Pablo Rio systems thanks to their ability to begin work immediately with soft-mounted media without transcoding or importing. The system will also record live 4K 60P via Quad 3G SDI, which can be edited even while recording. The Pablo Rios will be equipped with Fraunhofer IIS’s integrated easyDCP toolset for production of cinema deliverables.

“The chosen system needed to handle 4K 60P in real time reliably, and to produce the finished highlights packages quickly and efficiently,” explained Sony’s World Cup 2014 program manager, Mark Grinyer. “Quantel users have already proven on many real-world projects that Pablo Rio and the Genetic Engineering 2 shared workflow can comfortably handle 4K 60P and beyond.”

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