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Red Giant Upgrades BulletProof


Red Giant has released BulletProof 1.2, an update that brings more camera support and other improvements to its footage backup and review tool.

The new version will support the AVCHD and Canon XF formats, two mainstays of the industry. In addition to the existing support for Canon and Nikon DSLRs and GoPro cameras, BulletProof now includes support for Panasonic and Sony DSLRs, and for the Canon C-series and XF-series cameras.

BulletProof is designed to solve several problems that have plagued DSLR shooters, both on set and right before postproduction. One of those is the issue of simple, secure and reliable backup. Once the camera card is in the card reader, BulletProof creates copies of the footage and verifies them to ensure a perfect duplication. In addition, while the footage is being backed up, the shooter can use BulletProof’s GPU-accelerated playback tools to review the footage and make sure they got the shots they need.

Also new to BulletProof is a highly requested feature called “Add Mode” – a reference mode that speeds up the import process by cataloging media that has already been copied to disk.

BulletProof also helps prep footage and notes for postproduction. It includes tools for tagging, adding metadata, notes, in-and-out points, and suggested color correction to the footage. These features can be used on set or once the shooter gets back to the edit suite.

In addition, BulletProof is now integrated with PluralEyes 3.5, Red Giant’s automated audio/video sync tool. PluralEyes is designed to automatically sync audio and video with the touch of a button. BulletProof now makes the process more fluid by sending the footage over to PluralEyes in an organized way, so that users can sync footage immediately. Once synced, PluralEyes sends the footage directly to the editing timeline, ready for editing.

BulletProof 1.2 is available now for $199. It is a free upgrade for existing users of BulletProof 1.0 and 1.1.

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