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Samantha Uber Joins Goldcrest Post as Senior Finishing Editor, Workflow Specialist


Samantha Uber (Photo: Goldcrest Post)

New York post-production house Goldcrest Pro has announced that Samantha Uber from Deluxe Entertainment is coming over to Goldcrest as its Conform Artist/Manager of Workflow Services and Senior Finishing Editor.  Uber will work with film and television clients from the set through to delivery, designing customized workflows for projects.

At Deluxe, where Uber was Senior Digital Intermediate/On-Line Editor since 2013, Uber worked on the series High MaintenanceThe Knick, and Mr. Robot, as well as the 2019 features HustlersThe Golfinch, and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. She also did three years at Technicolor and three at PostWorks with credits that include HBO‘s Boardwalk Empire and GirlsWes Anderson‘s Moonrise Kingdom and more.

Goldcrest Post Managing Director Domenic Rom says about reuniting with Uber from their time together at Deluxe and Technicolor. “Sam is exceptionally creative and technically adept; she invests herself fully in her clients’ needs. Our clients will benefit immensely from her experience and insights. She will help them define a smooth path that ease their projects through post and meet their delivery requirements.”

“Domenic has done a wonderful job in building a team and providing them with the resources they need to produce top tier work,” Uber says about reuniting with Rom and Goldcrest’s ability to bring in high-quality film and television projects. 

Uber adds, “I want to help producers, directors and cinematographers at the beginning to avoid problems and delays in the end. Productions have many workflow options, making the right choices leads to a more streamlined conform. It can save time and money, and result in a better project. Next year is going to be a great year for Goldcrest Post.”

 You can learn more about Goldcrest Post at or reach out to Managing Director Domenic Rom.


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