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SMPTE 2020: Game On Esports Sessions & Live Competition


SMPTE 2020 Game OnToday, SMPTE announced that there will be a full day’s worth of esports rogramming on the final day of SMPTE 2020: “Game On”, the Society’s interactive and immersive remote technical conference experience scheduled for November 10th – 12th . On Thursday, November 12th, the event will offer presentations and live discussions about the convergence of esports/gaming and media technology and the unique requirements of the thriving esports industry.

The concluding event will feature a Rocket League esports exhibition match between Team Liquid, a professionals esports team, and RIT Esports – streamed live on SMPTEConnect’s Twitch and YouTube channels. RIT Esports is a collegiate club at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where SMPTE has an active student chapter.

SMPTE 2020: “Game On” Esports Sessions

What’s It All About: The Heart and Spirit of Esports:
This introduction to esports will explore both the human and technical aspects of esports competitions and all that precedes them. This session will also introduce the infrastructure that enables teams to compete “on a level playing field” across large geographic areas.

Keynote: Visual Storytelling in the Age of Esports:
Ian Sansavera of 1UP Studios will give attendees a closer look at the narrative opportunities within esports and the gaming industry. During his keynote on SMPTE 2020: “Game On” Esports Day, Sansavera will examine storytelling ranging from social-forward team content to intimate, episodic documentaries.

The Magic Enabler: The Esports Architecture:
SMPTE 2020 attendees will learn about the different elements — the technology, production crew, callers, and many others — in this complex system. Chris Witmayer and presenters from Activision Blizzard Esports, Grass Valley, Ross Video, and Engine Media will discuss the architecture, individual technologies, and everything else needed to produce the magic of esports competition.

Boots-on-the-Ground Esports: Real-World Experiences:
Building on the earlier session detailing the esports architecture under ideal, theoretical conditions, this session will focus on challenges overcome and lessons learned through real-world experiences. Experts will talk about issues they resolved, new technologies and innovations with the potential to be game-changers, and potential opportunities the esports infrastructure presents for more traditional content creators.

The Magic in Action: An Esports Exhibition:
This final session will bring ideas and information from preceding presentations to life in a live SMPTEConnect Twitch and YouTube stream of a Rocket League esports exhibition match between Team Liquid and RIT Esports. One of the most critically acclaimed sports games of all time, Rocket League includes nearly endless customization possibilities, multiple game types, casual and competitive online matches, and more.

The full SMPTE 2020 program is available now. The Society is offering a reduced rate for students and educators along with other special pricing discounts intended to ensure interested students and professionals worldwide have the means to attend and connect with their peers.

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