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SGO Releases Mamba FX Version 2


Screenshot of Mamba FX 2.0.
Screenshot of Mamba FX 2.0.
SGO announced the release of version 2 of its Mamba FX compositing software. One of the highlights in Mamba FX 2.0 is the Layer Route Effect, providing support and associated functions for working with multi-layer EXR files. These files are capable of carrying multiple streams of images as well as metadata in a single file. They are commonly used to hold multiple render passes from CGI software, or to carry multiple matte or alpha channels. Mamba FX 2.0 includes features to split and route the multiple layers, allowing Mamba FX’s other compositing tools to act on individual elements during the compositing phase.

LR-screenshot3Mamba FX’s new Spatial Isolation Keyer interfaces with metadata that can be passed from CGI software via the EXR files. This enables compositing techniques such as isolating elements in a scene by their 3D (XYZ) location, their surface direction (normals), their object ID or their material ID.

Also new for Mamba FX 2.0 is a “point cloud” shape tracker, which enables compositors to track 2D roto-shapes to shots quickly. Multiple shapes can be tracked and combined using Boolean operations to rapidly create moving matte shapes. Mamba FX 2.0 also includes new colour space conversion tools to aid project color management including ACES workflows. Other additional features include an adaptive interface for monitor configuration, as well as Dolby EDR support.
Mamba FX 2.0 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac (Mountain Lion 10.8.5) and is fully compatible with SGO’s Mistika.

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