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Shade VFX Opens New Facility in New York



Bryan Godwin
Bryan Godwin
Bryan Godwin, CEO Shade VFX, announced the company has opened a new facility in New York. A favorable economic climate and requests by clients doing more business in New York prompted the decision for a second location for the company. Additionally, Shade’s executive producer, David Van Dyke, who has been with the company since its inception five years ago, has been promoted to vice president. Van Dyke will continue to report directly to Godwin, Shade’s founder, owner and visual effects supervisor.

“We’ve been researching expanding to an incentivized area and New York was a no brainer for us,” said Godwin. “Having grown up in New York as well as having been an executive in two postproduction firms there, I have great ties to the artist community in NYC, and of course great artists are what makes a great VFX firm. And the particular rules for the New York incentive are very favorable for visual effects and not tied to physical production like most other states.”

Shade’s Los Angeles facility at Bergamot Station includes stage space that can accommodate greenscreen shoots and technology that is enhanced by the proprietary pipeline in use at Shade. Bergamot Station is located on eight acres in the heart of Santa Monica and is Southern California’s largest art gallery complex and cultural center.

Shade’s new studio is located in Manhattan at 475 Park Avenue South. The location is convenient for transportation via subway and centrally located for clients and artists traveling from Brooklyn or New Jersey. A medium sized staff will be built up over the coming months. Using the new facility, Shade is currently in production on a D.J. Caruso project. Shade previously worked with Caruso on I Am Number Four, which prompted the director to reach out to the company. Shade is also the sole vendor for HBO and Playtone’s upcoming mini-series Olive Kitteridge.

In regards to features, shade is currently in production on Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Recently completed feature projects include Jon Favreau’s Chef and Disney’s Million Dollar Arm.

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