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Sonic Union Expands Business Development and Postproduction Team


LRLaura Bermudez and Randee Bowman-email

Laura Bermudez (left) and Randee Bowman
Laura Bermudez (left) and Randee Bowman

New York-based audio postproduction shop Sonic Union has hired industry veterans Randee Bowman and Laura Bermudez. Bowman will lead all Sonic Union business development initiatives, with Bermudez in a new role as producer and promoter.

“Randee is proving to be instrumental in her ability to help our company expand into new areas and explore future opportunities,” said Sonic Union partner Adam Barone. “Her fresh energy and desire to create great experiences in postproduction has been warmly welcomed. Laura brings a ‘special ops’ aspect to Sonic Union with her prior background as a freelance editor, and being well-regarded in the business. She’s been a friend and then a client and now is part of our family.”

Bowman’s background includes stints as a sales representative for post shops Sound Lounge and Click 3X.

Bermudez brings over a decade of experience as an editor on commercial and interactive projects. Having previously collaborated with such shops as B-Reel, Psyop, VEVO, Decon, Bikini Edit and Mother, Bermudez has developed a network of producers, editors and creatives. The New York City-native studied film production at Bard College. She got her start as an assistant editor at Version2, later working on a myriad of commercial projects at BlueRock before transitioning to freelance editorial work. She has cut branded pieces for the likes of Verizon, Google, Budweiser, Crayola and Samsung as well as interactive work including the Kanye West short film “Cruel Summer,” which was a 7-screen installation at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

“I meet new creatives every day in my time in the edit chair, and I’ve developed some great friendships through the years,” said Bermudez. “You start to see who makes a creative fit with like-minded or totally off-base sensibilities, but would work well together. It’s connecting those talents that I am most excited about.”

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