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Sony to Provide F55 4K Camera Technology to the Brave New World Project


Sony's F55.
Sony’s F55.

Sony Electronics‘ professional solutions of America group is teaming with King David Films to present the Brave New World Project, hosted by director/producer, David Merritt II. The project will give 14 Los Angeles-area minority students interested in motion picture production careers the opportunity to work and learn in a professional Hollywood production environment.

The selected teens will participate in a five-week, hands-on program at Sony’s Digital Motion Picture Center, using Sony F55 4K cameras and Sony Vegas editing software. The sessions will be led by CEO of King David Films David Merritt and Sony DMPC system specialist Dhanendra Patel.

The students will be divided into two teams of seven. Each team will write, direct, act and edit the films. Each team will have access to one camera-person (DP), one boom operator and one editor, plus extras for filming. The teams will also have access to two professional (SAG) actors. Both teams will produce a five-minute digital film and will receive IMDB credits. Students will learn to write and build story structure, pre-production fundamentals, production key elements and editing skills.

Sony Electronics plans to screen the finished projects for the students and their families at Sony Pictures Studios.

The Brave New World project’s mission is to empower minority youth by giving them access to current film technology and teaching them the art of filmmaking. By providing these youth with an introduction to the latest in digital/film technology, the program looks to increase interest in film production and postproduction careers and open the door to a new world that many of these young people may never have imagined. The program’s goal is to foster diversity and increase opportunities for minority talent and employment in the film industry.

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