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Splice Hires Sound Designer/Mixer Keith Gettelman


Keith Gettelman
Keith Gettelman

Minneapolis-based creative studio Splice announced that it has hired sound designer/mixer Keith Gettelman. The company welcomed fellow sound designer/mixer Troy Hermes earlier this year to head the company’s audio team. This summer, Gettelman and Hermes provided sound design and effects for director Eric Howell’s (Ana’s Playground) new short film Strangers starring James Denton (Desperate Housewives) and Marta Milans (Law and Order) that went to final mix with Oscar-winner Gary Rizzo at Skywalker Sound.

“Keith really proved himself to be an invaluable asset during the final days of sound work for Strangers,” said Clayton Condit, Splice partner. “Keith’s short-form and long-form experience, as well as his passion for creating unique sounds has already made him a key player in our audio department, as we are ramping up for a very busy season of feature and broadcast work.”

Condit edited Howell’s short Ana’s Playground, and was editor and supervising sound editor for Strangers, which is being prepared for the festival circuit. “Keith brought a great energy and eye for detail to sound design for Strangers that helped with some critical story aspects of the film which we needed to sell with sound,” explained Condit. “He was incredibly collaborative and really dove into the story and vision of the director and helped to solve a couple challenging scenes.”

“With a huge influx of broadcast and narrative work coming in, we are taking on a lot of sound design opportunities for the Splice team,” said Barb Condit, Splice partner.

Gettelman began his career working for Sony Playstation. He worked with the music department on the development and implementation of music for such gaming titles as “God of War: Chains of Olympus,” “SOCOM: Confrontation,” “Warhawk” and “Guitar Hero” for Playstation 3.

“Sound has always inspired me,” said Gettelman. “Some of my first memories are of my father playing classical music, at full blast, while driving in one of his sports cars from the ’70s. I believe the mix of V8 rumble with Beethoven and Bach made a lasting impression on me that makes audio an important part of my life. With postproduction audio, the buzz of solving the puzzle is what turns projects into a game that I can’t put down, and never makes my job feel like work.”

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