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Steven Poster to Moderate Cinematographers Panel at Cine Gear


International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) president Steven Poster, ASC will moderate a cinematographers panel at Cine Gear Expo, June 1 at 10:15 a.m., in the Sherry Lansing Theater at Paramount Studios, where DP and digital imaging technician teams from recent high profile projects will discuss how they work with the director, as well as other members of the camera crew, to manage the color and look of the picture.

The panelists include Jeffrey Jur, director of photography and Kevin Britton, digital imaging technician on Dexter, as well as Brandon Trost, director of photography (Townies, This is the End), and Kevin Stanley, digital imaging technician (Townies, Grown Ups 2).

The panel will discuss the process of deciding how to use technology to create a look, evaluating footage on set, applying color correction, preparing dailies and communicating creative decisions with visual effects and postproduction.

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