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Technicolor-PostWorks Acquires The Room


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Ben Murray
Ben Murray
Technicolor-PostWorks New York announced that it has acquired The Room, a high-end finishing studio that has been hosted on its premises for the past three years.

Under the terms of the agreement, The Room’s staff, equipment and dedicated 4K workflow will be integrated into the Technicolor-PostWorks facility at 110 Leroy Street. Additionally, Ben Murray, founder of The Room, will assume a new role as vice president, creative services for Technicolor-PostWorks.

COO Rob DeMartin explained that the objective of the move is to leverage the creative talent, workflow and technology that have made The Room a popular finishing facility for a growing number of independent filmmakers and other content creators. “Ben will be our creative and technical lead, focusing on workflow design, training, talent management and recruiting,” DeMartin said. “He will work with clients in pre-production, oversee project management, collaborate with our engineering team, and assist in overall strategic planning.”

“We aim to streamline services for both features and episodic television,” said Murray. “We will work to provide increasingly nimble technology and a more responsive level of service across the board.”

“It’s an opportunity to extend our more agile, client-focused approach,” he added. “As The Room rapidly grew, particularly over the last year, the quality of service was not diluted. In fact, it improved. In taking this next step, with a larger pool of talent, greater physical capacity and much higher bandwidth, our focus will be to elevate the quality of service available for all our clients.”

Recent projects at The Room include St. Vincent, Her, The Giver, True Detective, Marco Polo, Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown and Years of Living Dangerously.

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