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The SIM Group to Host the 10th Annual SIM Technology Showcase in Toronto


Still from SIM Technology Showcase.
Still from SIM Technology Showcase.
The SIM Group will host leading manufacturers of cameras, lenses, lighting, postproduction gear and workflow systems at the 10th Annual SIM Technology Showcase slated for Jan. 29 in Toronto. The event provides members of the production and postproduction communities with an opportunity to examine new products, witness technology demonstrations and talk with experts on how these new tools and workflows can benefit their businesses.

ARRI, Fujinon, Sony, Panasonic and Sennheiser are among the nearly two dozen manufacturers taking part. SIM Group divisions Bling Digital, Pixel Underground and PS Production Services will also host technology demonstrations.

“Our event is more intimate and informal,” explained SIM Group CEO Rob Sim. “People have an opportunity to talk one-on-one with manufacturers and get their questions answered. It’s also a lot of fun. It’s a chance to reconnect with old friends and make new friends. The event grows bigger every year.”

ARRI will be showing its new Amira documentary-style camera. It will also be demonstrating the Alexa XT camera fitted with the new Master Anamorphic lenses; its latest wireless lens control system, WCU-4 & SXU-1, and its new Ultra Wide Zoom (UWZ).

On the lighting side, ARRI will presents its latest LED Fresnel lights, L5-C, L7-C, L7-TT and L7-DT; its new compact HMI system, the M8; and its new compact LED soft source, LoCaster 2 Plus.

Bling Digital will conduct workflow demonstrations incorporating QTake video assist, customized DIT carts, mobile dailies P.O.D. (Post On Demand) systems, and Cinedeck multi-cam postproduction workflow (tied to SIM Digital fly-packs).

Fujinon will demo its complete Cabrio family including the new 25-300mm T3.5. It will also present the latest revision of the color calibration tool, IS-Mini.

Pixel Underground will present an Avid demo conducted by senior AVID online artist Steve Jones. Joneses’ credits run the gamut from the Olympics to such television shows as Mayday, Nazi Hunters, Motives & Murders and Air Aces.

PS Production Services will showcase its 24ft Movie Bird telescoping crane with remote control stabilized camera head.

Rosco will be showing its new 40ft x 175ft day-to-night translight. The backdrop system features seamless panels. It’s also made of weaved cotton is semi-translucent to absorb light naturally. As it comes packed in a box, rather than rolled, it cuts rigging time in half.

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