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Tim Nagle Joins Lucky Post as Finishing Artist


Tim Nagle.
Tim Nagle.

Lucky Post announced Tim Nagle has joined the company as finishing artist. Nagle’’s first collaboration with Lucky Post began as engineering designer of the company’s studio.

In 2002, Nagle founded Creative Integrations, a full-service engineering and integration firm specializing in postproduction, recording, animation and broadcast facilities. For over a decade, Nagle helped companies design, improve and streamline workflows including facility design for companies throughout the country. Among those Nagle worked with are Red Car in Dallas and NY, Union Editorial, 1st Avenue Machine, Smoke & Mirrors and Passion Pictures in NY, DigitalFX in Baton Rouge and Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth.

Nagle began his career as an engineer for Solid State Logic in 1997, working with the company’’s clients including Fox, Warner Bros., Skywalker Ranch, EA Games, Wonderland and ABC. Since 2002, he has also worked with sound departments of studio feature films and television shows before making the transition to online editing.

The completion of his engineering design for Lucky Post in 2012 marked a milestone for Nagle, who explained, ““I’’ve always loved the independence of consultancy, but when I wasn’t at Lucky Post, I found I really missed the environment and the people. When I reflected on my future, I kept returning to Lucky Post.””

Since joining Lucky Post, Nagle has collaborated with agencies McGarrah Jessee, Moroch and The Richards Group. In addition to assuming the artist’s chair, Nagle leads the company’’s assistant training program, providing those working alongside Lucky Post’s editors, designers and sound designers the necessary technology knowledge and experience.

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