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Tim Stevenson joins MELS Studios as Visual Effects Supervisor


tim stevenson

Richard Cormier, Vice-President, Digital Creative Services at MELS Studios, is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Stevenson as Visual Effects Supervisor.

“MELS Studios have been working hard to take its VFX group to the next level, including significant investments in virtual production,” says Richard Cormier. “The addition of Tim Stevenson is a key step in our vision of delivering the best virtual production and VFX services possible.”

MELS’ goal is to create a unique, fully integrated environment where clients can blend traditional shooting, virtual production and VFX work to enable superior visual quality that meets the complexity of today’s productions. As part of our investment, MELS has been recruiting top talent in key positions to deliver on our promise and produce quality work for our clients.

“MELS is at the forefront of adapting new virtual production technology and visual effects workflows,” says Tim Stevenson. “In order to offer the best client service not only today but for the future, you need a visual effects team that can bring you great results within an evolving dynamic industry. I am pleased to join MELS Studios to help realize its vision of the technical and  creative future of filmmaking.”

Tim is an industry veteran with 25 years under his belt in VFX and animation. He brings both his technical curiosity and passion for creative visuals and film storytelling to any project he undertakes. In addition to numerous award-winning commercials, Tim’s filmography includes work at world-class studios on productions such as Avatar, Jurassic Park (II and III), Happy Feet, and most recently VFX supervision work on the Netflix series Cursed and HBO’s The Nevers.

The appointment is effective immediately.

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