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Treehouse Adds Motion Graphic Services, Hires Jeff Vick 


Jeff Vick
Jeff Vick

Dallas-based editorial boutique Treehouse announced that it has hired motion graphics designer Jeff Vick and added a new graphics design and production suite. The company will now offer graphics both in tandem with editing and finishing, and as a standalone service.

Vick brings 10 years of experience as a motion graphics designer for commercials, broadcast media and corporate media, most recently with Fast Cuts Edit in Dallas. His credits include work for H-E-B, Red Lobster and the Dallas Cowboys. He has already contributed to several projects for Treehouse, including a campaign for Home Depot and a spot for H-E-B that debuted during this year’s Super Bowl broadcast.

Treehouse founder, editor Peter Tarter, said that in-house graphics capabilities will enable the company to provide advertising agencies with a well-rounded package of postproduction services and fulfill more of their creative needs. “This gives us one more way to deliver work that is better than the clients expect,” Tarter said. “Our new graphics capabilities will allow us to add an extra layer to a lot of projects.”

Tarter added that he was impressed by Vick’s experience in national and regional advertising and strong work ethic. “We liked the quality of Jeff’s reel,” Tarter noted. “He’s got a great personality and fits in well with the rest of our team.”

Vick will work in a new graphics suite equipped with a host of high-end software packages, including Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator and Maxon Cinema 4D, as well as sophisticated monitoring and processing gear.

A Dallas native, Vick received his training in graphic design at NYU where he earned his master’s degree. Vick returned to Dallas in 2004 to work with the Dallas Cowboys, serving as creative director and motion graphics designer for its in-house broadcast production department.

In 2008, Vick joined n2o Editorial, Dallas, and moved to Fast Cuts Edit, Dallas, in 2012. At both shops, he served as a motion graphics designer for advertising projects.

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