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TruSurv and RenderWurks Partner to Deploy a 42,000 Core Render Farm in Texas


TruSurv and RenderWurks announced that a new 5,280-server render farm dedicated to supporting RenderWurks and its customers will go live in the Dallas area in June. More than 42,200 CPU cores will be deployed in the first phase of the project, giving RenderWurks over 105 Terahertz of processing power.

Currently, RenderWurks is gearing up for the first of two projects, which will fully utilize the farm for the remainder of the year.

RenderWurks is also establishing a presence in the greater Los Angeles area where customers will have instantaneous remote access to the render farm and their data in Texas. This remote access method will enable the company to offer its services at reduced rates.

In addition to the vast processing capabilities of the farm, an N+1 redundant date storage system will be available to support customer data storage requirements. Primary and failover storage arrays totaling 420 usable terabytes will be located in Texas, and a third identical storage system will be located at the RenderWurks West Coast facility enabling those customers to directly access their compiled project data files.

With the render farm completely sold out through the end of 2013, TruSurv and RenderWurks are already planing to deploy an additional 5,280 servers later this year. At that time, the data storage system will likewise be doubled in size.

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