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Twist Welcomes Associate Producer Alissa Liebert



Alissa Liebert
Alissa Liebert

National production company Twist has expanded and welcomed new associate producer Alissa Liebert.

“Alissa is smart, energetic, detail-oriented and fun to be around,” Twist EP Amyliz Pera said. “She’s the kind of person we wanted to find a place for at our company. Luckily, she’s also experienced in a number of areas and has been able to jump right in to help us supervise the production department as associate producer.”

Born and raised in Baltimore Md., Liebert started her career as a PA. This led to other opportunities in her hometown, such as working with various national and regional clients. Feeling the drive to cover all aspects of the production process, she moved to New York working as postproduction coordinator for Cosmo Street Editorial. There she worked with clients such as BBDO, CP+B, BBH & TBWA/CHIAT/DAY.

Back in Baltimore, Liebert became the supervising post producer for Cerebral Lounge, a boutique post house with offices in both Baltimore and Washington, DC. Her clients included National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, Sundance, TNT and Bravo. Overseeing three offices with up to 25 creatives and producers, she mastered client relations, workflow and created a comfortable creative environment for her team. She learned quickly that each creative individual she worked with – whether a director, editor or designer – required a different producing style, and to cater not only to her clients, but her team as well. “It’s something that I think is very important and not always easy to do,” Liebert said. “You have to learn how to produce in multiple ways; customize your workflow/attitude/involvement to the project. The creative need to trust you. They need to be comfortable no matter what – and it’s the producer’s job to make sure of that.”

“Twist boasts nationally acclaimed directors and creatives, but still emotes a family-style vibe,” Liebert concluded. “It’s like hanging with the cool kids who don’t care about being cool.”

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