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Whitehouse Post New York Welcomes Editor Kate Owen


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Kate Owen
Kate Owen

New York-based Whitehouse Post announced that it has hired commercial and film editor Kate Owen. U.K.-born Owen was drawn to an editorial career early, starting as an apprentice to film editor Jim Bambrick at the age of 18. She spent several years in the U.K. working with Bambrick and Marshall Street Editors, and in 2010 moved to New York where she was a senior editor at Hooligan.

“Kate is an incredibly talented and versatile editor,” said New York partner/editor Alaster Jordan. “She combines a great work ethic with a huge sense of fun, we are delighted to have her with us.”

Owen has worked for several major global brands including Adidas, Sony, Showtime and Virgin Atlantic, and has forged relationships with directors Jamie Rafn at Smuggler and Roderick Fenske at Dapper.

In addition to her commercial work, Owen has made her mark in the music world and film space with projects including the BAFTA-nominated short film Turning, Toronto Film Fest selection The Sweetest Sound and Gold Lion-winning internet film The Man Who Walked Around the World for Johnnie Walker.

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