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Wild(child) Editorial/NY Signs Executive Producer Amy Lazarus


Amy Lazarus
Executive producer Amy Lazarus has signed with New York-based Wild(child) Editorial. Lazarus brings a broad range of skills and an in-depth knowledge of postproduction to the table. The veteran executive producer honed her craft during a 10-year stint at Mad River Post, followed by a position at BlueRock as the New York editorial house’s executive producer. In 2009 Lazarus set out to broaden her scope of experience in the freelance arena. During the past three years she has been tapped by a steady stream of cutting houses that includes Beast, Company X, Consulate, NO6, Homestead, Cut and Run, Lost Planet and Jump.

Lazarus has lent her talents to an eclectic range of spots for a diverse mix of national brands – from Pantene, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Clairol to Kohl’s, Aflac, Sun Trust, Wachovia Bank, Dunkin Donuts, Budweiser, Liberty Mutual and The Christopher Reeves Foundation. Over the years she has earned a reputation as an executive producer with a talent for taking the reins of all phases of postproduction, and managing projects that range from modest $25,000 budgets with three-day deadlines – to multi-million dollar spots executed over a five-month timeline.

“I’m looking forward to working with Yvette and her multi-disciplined collective of talent,” says Lazarus. “My focus is to provide agencies and brands with fresh, innovative creative solutions that maximize their budgets and provide every client with top-caliber creative content and support services that exceed their highest expectations.”

Lazarus was born into the business. Her late father, Howie Lazarus, an accomplished editor and founder of Take Five Editorial/NY, introduced Amy to editing back in the days of the Movieola – and provided her with a in-house perspective of the business side of running a spot house. Lazarus worked with her father while earning her degree in film at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and considers his mentoring key to her success in the industry.

“Growing up in the business and working alongside my dad fueled my passion for the creative process,” Lazarus added. “It taught me the importance of complimenting top-caliber talent with over-the-top support services – and making every clients’ experience the best it can possibly be.”

“Like me, Amy grew up in a family of editors,” said company founder Yvette Pineyro. “We share a unique perspective and deep-rooted commitment to crafting a nimble, efficient business model that provides our talent with a creative work environment that anticipates the ever-changing needs of agencies and brands.

“Amy brings the full breadth of her experience to every job, and knows how to elevate a collaboration into a creative partnership with clients that pushes each project beyond their highest expectations,” Pineyro added. “She is a tenacious creative problem solver, with a strong artistic aesthetic and the ability to conceptualize and produce inspired media content.”

“First and foremost Wild(child) is editorial company driven by talent: Its roster of cutters bring a fresh aesthetic and cutting-edge creative solutions to their work,” Lazarus added. “It’s a pioneering company that is committed to evolving with the times and meeting the changing needs of the industry – and I’m thrilled to be part of its team.”

The addition of Lazarus to the company’s staff follows on the heels of the signing of editor Tom Schachte, and the recent addition of editor Diego Panich, who was recently named a 2012 AICE finalist for his cutting of a surreal spot for Basement featuring Kate Moss.

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