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WSDG Completes Production Complex for Non Stop TV in Buenos Aires


LR-5 Non Stop TV - Exterior 03Buenos Aires-based TV production studio Non Stop TV recently turned to Walters-Storyk Design Group’s Argentine branch for architectural and acoustic design of a new 130,000 square foot facility. WSDG was tasked with developing a design program for the entire four-building broadcast production facility.

Founded in 1983, Non Stop produces content and provides audio, video and postproduction services for clients in Latin America, Europe and Asia. With a staff of over 450, the facility turns out more than 800 hours of programming each year for stations including Disney Channel, Sony, Fox Sports and History Channel.

“This 21st Century movie lot is literally a self-contained city in a Buenos Aires suburb,” WSDG partner/director of international relations Sergio Molho said. “The massive project called upon the expertise of members of WSDG designers, renderers, systems integrators and project managers in Europe, the U.S. and Latin America.”

LR-1 Non Stop TV - Master Control RoomCompleted in April, the new studios feature six individual shooting stages, and more than three dozen individual production, postproduction and support service suites, distributed throughout compound. Non Stop’s largest studio is Studio Six, a 10,000 square foot sound stage dedicated to producing original Disney Channel programming for Latin America. Amenities include five dressing rooms, make up, wardrobe, video library, dubbing stage and set construction. Additionally, the facility houses two 5,000 square foot stages, a 4,000 square foot stage with a spacious main control room, and a 1,000 square foot stage (devisable into two separate 500 square foot shooting stages).

Support services such as, subtitling, authoring, media asset management, electronic art department, offline editorial suites, audio recording and mixing and live transmission are also housed within the complex.

Technology highlights include a six-channel HD EVS XT series server controlled by an EVS’ IPDirector suite of video production management applications; Final Cut PRO, Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro editing and a full complement of cameras, lights, microphones and related gear.

LR-4 Non Stop TV - Production Offices 2

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