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YoYotta Brings YoDailies and Portable YoMobile to IBC 2011


YoYotta will be introducing a new version of its YoDailies system as well as a new portable YoMobile system at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam, Sept. 9-13. This year, the YoYo suite can be seen at the Tangent Wave and Sony booths.

At the Tangent Wave booth (7.B16), YoYotta will be showing the new YoMobile configuration, which makes use of the Thunderbolt 10 Gbps interface. YoYo connects to RAID and HD monitoring via Thunderbolt, which makes YoDailies even more portable for on-set use. YoMobile will be shown with the latest Tangent control panels.

At the Sony booth (12.A10) the company will be showing the development of new YoYo workflows for the F65 camera and the SR Master format.

The YoYo platform allows users to search for material, transcode and standardize multi-format projects and ensure that the required metadata is made available for online processes. YoYo can resize, colour manage and prepare material for deliverables without tying up expensive online suites. YoYo also allows offline and online comparisons with multiple wipes and mixes ensuring conforms are accurate every time.

YoYo can ingest from tape and film and import file-based content including Alexa ARRIRAW, ProRes, RED R3D and DSLR Raw and H.264 formats. YoYo also outputs file and tape deliverables at the end of the creative process.

YoDailies is the company’s new dailies system, which was introduced at NAB in April. The new version adds full color management and grading capabilities with reference frame match grading and the ability to export grades as CDL, 1D and 3D LUT’s. It offers full LUT control on the system’s I/O, timecode burn-ins and auto audio syncing for multiple deliverable formats. YoDailies works with digitally acquired source material, as well as scanned film footage. The new application is designed for use both on set and during postproduction.

“YoDailies offers comprehensive dailies workflow system and many new features at IBC this year,” said Adam Welsh, sales director at YoYotta. “Instead of mixing and matching tools, or investing in expensive dedicated transcoding hardware, production companies are increasingly going for the efficiency and economy of the YoYo software.”

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