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Director Vance Malone Re-Imagines Goldilocks and The Three Bears in ‘Just Right’


The classic story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is getting an update, thanks to commercial director Vance Malone and the Ohio Lottery.  Cincinatti-based production house Lightborne joined forces with Wild Plum out of Venice, Calif. for the director’s latest project, “Just Right.”  The team at Northlich, including executive creative director Jason Schmall, group creative director Dan Rapp, associate creative director/art director Brian Nelson, senior copywriter Terry Dillon and director of broadcast production Diane Frederick collaborated with Malone to face the challenge of making their version of this fairy tale distinct in its originality, yet still recognizable as the classic story.

The Miller Leuser Cabin located in Cincinnati, Ohio was selected to recreate the home of The Three Bears. Its historical features inspired much of the look of the spot.  Built in 1796 with no running water, low ceilings and no electricity, it triggered an authentic feel on location.  Malone and the Northlich team immediately fell in love with the juxtaposition of the cabin’s rustic feel combined with a year 2014 version of Goldilocks.  On top of this, the production focused on set design and capturing the little details that would create a unique bear home. Design was approached with an emphasis on sets of three, for instance; three flowers in a pot, three banjos hanging on the wall, three fish above the fireplace, and three fishing rods helped illustrate the original story.

The spot’s Goldilocks on the other hand was an attractive blonde dressed in various shades of pink and blue from head to toe with pearls to accent.  Malone was, “so intrigued by a modern day Goldilocks and the possibilities that came with it.”  Her wardrobe delayed the realization of the classic story unraveling, allowing viewers to have an  “aha” moment.  The director explained, “Goldilocks’ stark contrast from the environment helped the cabin feel old and dusty, while illuminating her to feel fresh and bright, giving her a look that could have come right off the runway from a fashion show.“

Creating this modern take on a classic tale wasn’t without some special challenges, however.  The weather alone in Ohio was extremely unpredictable, with the team embracing anything that came their way – rain, snow, or sunshine.  The cabin’s tight quarters also made camera placement and movement a challenge and limited personnel who could be on set at any given time. Additionally, actress Allison Gingerich, being 5’10 and in a 4″ heel, which made her 6’2, had to carefully navigate the space of the tiny cabin. This combination worked in the spot’s favor, however, giving her “a larger than life feeling, which referenced the character back to the story book,” Malone recalled.

With an inspired, rustic cabin, and a glamorous Goldilocks, the elements of the Ohio Lottery’s contemporary version of The Three Bears combined to create a modern spin on a classic tale.  The aptly named “Just Right” began airing Dec. 30, locally in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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