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Master Monster Makers Launch Aliens To Zombies Convention


Emmy-winning special effects artist Todd Masters, founder of MASTERSFX, and Bruce Haring, founder of JM Northern Media, have teamed up to launch the new Aliens to Zombies Convention – a two-day look at monsters and the post-apocalyptic world, scheduled for Oct. 21-22, at Hollywood’s legendary “haunted” Roosevelt Hotel. A highlight of the event will be the revival of Masters’ infamous Monster-Makers Bash costume party, which annually attracts the industry’s top special effects artists.

Masters and Haring have enlisted the participation of notables from Hollywood’s monster-making industry, along with other filmmakers, authors, journalists, actors and experts from across the paranormal universe.

Confirmed participants include Bryce Zabel (producer of NBC’s Dark Skies and author of A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact); actor Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead series; Oscar-winning monster makers/partners Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr., of ADI (the Alien films, Pumpkinhead, X-Files: The Movie, and FX for the new version of The Thing, which releases Oct. 18); Alex Ben Block, senior editor, The Hollywood Reporter; Todd Masters (president of MASTERSFX, creators of special FX for the TV series Falling Skies and True Blood); Steve Murillo, state section director, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Los Angeles; Scott Kenemore (author, Zombie, Ohio); Joe McKinney (author, Dead City); David Moody (author, the Autumn series); Matt Mogt, creator of the Zombie Research Society, and Martin Olson (author, Encyclopedia of Hell).

“After so many years of my colleagues and I appearing at genre conventions and on panels around the world talking about monster making and our FX work, we thought, ‘Why not have a ‘Monstrous’ event right here, in our own Hollywood backyard, and present it just in time for Halloween 2011?’” said Masters. “We truly hope the success of this first ever Aliens to Zombies Convention will result in it becoming an annual Hollywood tradition.”

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