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Production Minds Platform Provides Collaborative Framework for Students at Hennepin Technical College


Minnesota’s Hennepin Technical College has added The Production Minds Platform (PMP) to its curriculum as the standard tool for collaborative pre-production on all student projects in the college’s interactive design video production department.

Each student director at HTC has full access to PMP, using it to complete the creative summary, location and stages, shot list and storyboard, production design, equipment inventory and calendar for the production. Instructors can view and evaluate the progress of all student projects through PMP and on completion, students can print out the reports for shooting and the final production book direct from PMP.

“PMP gives our very busy students the ability to collaborate and be better prepared for shooting and editing as they go through a common workflow to postproduction,” said Richard Oxley, instructor at HTC’s interactive design video production department. “The online collaboration workflow is exactly what we want our students to learn. Crew members can collaborate anywhere in the world, and PMP organizes productions or projects in a way that keeps crew members at the top of their game. There are no surprises when you get to shooting. It’s all right there in the project.”

PMP replaces the department’s previous collection of software tools, providing script and storyboard integration, equipment assignments, crew assignments and the ability to upload rough cuts.

“Crew members using PMP do not have to play frustrating and exhausting guessing games during a project,” said Oxley. “If you can maintain energy throughout the project, the results are so much better. PMP has helped our students get to the next level as video producers.”

Based in a secure cloud environment, accessible through any web browser, PMP facilitates multi-user, multi-location collaboration, automatically updating data when changes are made, while sending notifications to affected crew members.

Crew members can contribute data from their own department – such as casting, locations and equipment inventories – while PMP makes it available to all who need it.

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