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SOC Offers Its Members Health and Well-Being Classes via Zoom


societyofcameraoperators-300x2255674045634921871736.pngThe Society of Camera Operators (SOC) and its Education Committee continues to support the membership, offering two live Zoom events in order to help its members improve their health and well-being during these trying times. The Zoom sessions will take place on Thursday mornings, August 13 and August 20, at 11AM Pacific Time.

The first of them, this Thursday, is “3 Keys to Eliminating Pain & Increasing Movement Capacity, taught by Liz Cash, founder of Liz Cash Strength & Conditioning. You can read her full bio on the SOC site, but she specializes in the “unique movement needs of motion picture camera operators” after having taught an injury prevention workshop for the International Cinematographers Guild and the Steadicam Operator’s Association. Cash has a decade of experience as a camera assistant, and she approaches training the body by drawing upon her  “detailed understanding of the demands an operator faces,” coupled with an education in biomechanics and neuroscience.

SOC has offered this statement via press release:

“In these challenging times, the SOC seeks to present tools, techniques to many of the challenges we face physically and mentally on the job and during the “in-between” time. We are proud to present two experts focused upon training, healing, mindfulness and well-being. This is a unique opportunity to improve your well-being while learning about different approaches and methods and potentially gaining insights into a more fulfilling career and life.”

The live sessions are open to all SOC members and to the community at large. You can learn more and register for either session on the official site.

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