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Matthews Introduces Gobo Plate Mounting Adaptor


Go PlateMatthews Studio Equipment has introduced its new Gobo Plate™, a versatile mounting adapter to help solve real world issues with a quick, practical and inexpensive solution for attaching grip equipment, both on set and on location.

The mounting adaptor came to be when professional photographer Mike Bradley would frequently need an overhead beam in his studio but didn’t want to invest in a truss, so he jury-rigged something with a 2×4 and a variety of grip gear to attach it, though he didn’t feel it was safe. He solved it by designing a metal plate that would bolt to the 2×4 and connect to a C-stand.

Made out of a single sheet of 1/8″ thick steel, Gobo Plate measures  3” (76.2mm) by 7” (177.8mm), and weighs 8.15-oz (.23 kg) with a center cutout that allows pass through of a 5/8-inch rod or baby pin while a variety of medium holes provide pass through for a 3/8-inch bolt, as well as other small holes for standard nails or screws.

It allows the mounting of camera equipment, stands, heads and accessories as well as building materials, designed to interface with any industry standard 2.5″ grip head. It can also add efficiency and versatility when mounted to stand risers and cart legs.

The Gobo Plate™ adapter is available through the company’s worldwide dealer network, and you can learn more about it at Matthews’ official site.


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